Europe is one of the best places in the world to travel and live. So why not travel, live and work and do it on the go?

That’s fun but you might can you actually do it?

Many people work location independently remote working and in 2020 due to pandemic more and more people have started to do like digital nomads does it.

How can you travel and work as a digital nomad?

In a recent internet, we asked top digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond,  how he does it. And he told us it was a dream and then after reading the book 4 hour work week he started to learn SEO and offered it as a service to local business owners in London. And as he got to the point where he was earning over £1000 per month he decided to travel and work from various European countries. Later he started his SEO agency – ClickDo and also rang that working while he was living in many countries in the world.

With the latest technologies and potential to work online, anyone can learn the skills to become a digital nomad.

We can see more and more people are keen to work online and travel. Travelling is one of the best things to do in life. And Europe is a paradise for travelling.

There are skills to acquire to become a digital nomad and it all starts with a plan. You have to ask yourself, do you have any skills you can offer others via the internet, can you write, do SEO, do online marketing services to even teach online.

Creating online courses have been lucrative, however pretty much everything is covered by now from someone. That does not mean you shouldn’t do it if you have expertise in a field.

Earn this year Fernando Raymond posted a video where he invited people to join his SeekaHost University and learn the vital digital marketing skills for free. All those skills can help you become a digital nomad.

Hope this gets you some inspiration to learn how to become a digital nomad and travel all across Europe.

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