Reasons to Buy an Air Compressor

There are many reasons why you need to buy 12v air compressor for your car. They include but not limited to increasing air compression, air flow, decreasing static pressure, increasing cooling and dehumidification. An air compressor increases air compression and air flow, which consequently, lower the static pressure inside the cylinder of the compressor. This allows more air to fill the cylinder than what is required to complete the task. You will find them being used in a wide variety of circumstances, like powering air tools for construction or automotive work.

Best 12v air compressor

Maximum Air Pressure: This refers to the maximum amount of air that can be compressed in one go. It is generally represented in terms of PSI (pounds per pound per minute). For a 12v air compressor it is good enough to manage the jobs with little pressure build up. Maximum air pressure also depends on the type of tires you have, so it is always best to consult an expert or consult the manual that came with your vehicle before you purchase anything. It really depends on what is available and what you need, so there is no harm in buying a bigger compressor if it can do what you need.

Max torque: The power draw of an air compressor really depends on its impeller and fan speed. The larger the impeller and fan speed, the higher the power draw. A 12v air compressor with a high power draw will require a larger cooling fan installed in your vehicle, because cool air from the engine is needed to produce more horsepower.

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