Day: September 1, 2020

A Complete Newbie’s Guide to Company Registration

Company registration in Bangalore is on the increase but it is always necessary to know about the official Karnataka Registrar of Companies. Before starting any business in India you should know the rules and regulations that govern the company registration in India. Click Here – Company Registration |Company Registration Process The Company registration process starts after approval by the local authorities. A registration certificate is issued upon registration to the concerned company. The business is under the complete control of government authorities until the registration certificate is cancelled or suspended by the authorities. If the registration certificate is cancelled, it may be legal grounds for immediate suspension. However, if the authorities refuse to suspend or cancel the registration certificate, it may be due to some other reasons. A company registered under the Karnataka Companies Act is considered as a private company. It is not allowed to trade publicly in the state. It is not allowed to use any method to publicize their business in the state. They are required to conduct transactions only through the company’s registered office. The registered office is a ….